Press Release: Cooperation with the Agricultural Cooperative of Messolonghi – Nafpaktia


NAFPAKTOS TEXTILE INDUSTRY SA announces the signing of a memorandum of cooperation with the Agricultural Cooperative of Messolonghi – Nafpaktia “the UNION”, based on which it was agreed the direct joint establishment of a company with a share capital of 200,000 euros.

The new company will manage the ginning unit of the Agricultural Cooperative in Messolonghi after signing a long-term lease agreement. Through this partnership and the integration in the companies of the group of a new ginner, in local relation with the spinning mill of the company in Nafpaktos, NAFPAKTOS TEXTILE INDUSTRY SA aims to cover its needs for raw material (new cotton) installs in its production unit in Nafpaktos and to strengthen the trade of ginned cotton.

The common goal of this cooperation is the strengthening of cotton cultivation in the wider region of Western Greece, the closer cooperation through contract farming programs with the cotton growers and the promotion of modern cultivation methods for the improvement of the quality of the final product in the context of sustainable development. At the same time, through its new subsidiary, the company intends to expand its commercial activity in the production and marketing of fertilizers and agricultural supplies.

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