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Since 1964, NAFPAKTOS TEXTILE SA is active in the production of high-quality cotton yarns and cotton ginning. The dynamic growing of our company includes major structural changes, such as investments in new sectors of the textile industry, as well as in agricultural products & renewable energy sources. The integrated customer service, the top quality of our products and the timely delivery are the core values of our company for the provision of competitive products of international standards.

Own production facilities – capacity

Our factory in Lygia Nafpaktos has a spinning mill with a total capacity of 17,000 spindles. Its annual production capacity amounts to 3,200 TN of cotton yarn, with an average daily employment of 24 hours, 7 days a week, for 11 months a year. Part of our new basic equipment are the G38 Rieter spinners (ring frames) with the COMPACT DRUM system. They are an innovation in textile industry since they provide the ability to produce high quality yarns with added value.

Area of building installations: 20,590 m²
Area of privately owned stadium: 37,900 m².

Attica ( Pefki ) 
Our offices are located in our privately owned building in Pefki – Athens, on 40-44 Ag. Georgiou Str. In the same space is housed the storage area of finished products and goods.

Area of building installations: 2,527 m²
Area of privately owned stadium: 2,560 m².

Oiniades ( Etoloakarnania ) 
Our Company has privately owned facilities in the community of Oiniades, Prefecture of Etoloakarnania, consisting of main and auxiliary buildings, which are leased to a private company.

Surface of main and auxiliary building installations: 10,906.65 m²
Area of privately owned stadium: 42,010.86 m².

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