Nafpaktos Textile Industry S.A. specializes in Cotton Ginning & Spinning. Our emphasis remains on product innovation, sustainability and customer satisfaction whilst continuously upholding the highest ethical standards and promoting trust and respect.

Keeping in mind the increased demand of our European customers for “transparency and traceability” in cotton yarns, the company developed its own Internal Certification Scheme “Yarn_ID®”, registering its corresponding trademark as well, in the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office).

What is the Internal Certification Scheme Yarn_ID®?

  • Yarn_ID® signifies our detailed knowledge of cotton yarn production; fully traceable back to the farmer’s field and focused on its environmental and social impact.
  • Yarn_ID® is the culmination of our efforts. An evolution and enrichment of the quality requirements of AGRO 2 Standard, to cover the full supply chain from “Farm to Yarn”. Including sustainability and traceability practices, that aim to harmonize with National and International standards & 23 additional checkpoints & compliance criteria.
  • Yarn_ID® is a pioneering production of its kind in Europe, with the option of including fiber marking technology, capable of providing proof of provenance at store, supporting:

Good Agricultural Practices,

Product Safety,

Advanced Traceability,

Environmental Actions &

Occupational Safety and Health.

Key features:

  1. Τhe blend for Yarn_ID ® yarn production comes exclusively from bales that have been accepted to the standard, based on strict specifications.
  2. Bales intended to be used in the production of Yarn_ID® yarns, are separately received and stored.
  3. During the yarn production process, the product quality set by the program is ensured.
  4. The packaging materials for the yarns produced are from recyclable materials.
  5. The packaging of the parcels intended for the program is made of recyclable plastic or other material to reduce the use of plastic.
  6. Company personnel are trained in the principles of the standard.

Key factors are also the digital recording of the sequence from the field to the spinning mill, the display of quality characteristics with a QR code application and the possibility of marking the cotton yarn with a DNA marker.

In addition, a “Green Certificate” is granted for yarns produced using green energy. For every (MWh) of electricity consumed, we secure the same amount of “Guarantees of Origin” from renewable energy sources (solar and wind) of local producers. Through the application of the Yarn_ID ® standard, cotton yarn buyers will now be able to enhance the “traceability program” they apply in their business up to their own final product, based on the open-source data material provided to them.

Learn more about our INTERNAL CERTIFICATION SCHEME Yarn_ID ®, regarding yarns production through Integrated Management System →

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