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Nafpaktos Textile
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NAFPAKTOS TEXTILE INDUSTRY SA is a Greek group of companies with main activities the cotton ginning and spinning, the agricultural products the renewable energy sources.

Founded in 1964 managed by Polychronos family since then, with the aim of starring in the sector of cotton cultivation and processing, both in European in International markets.

We systematically invest in the excellent quality of our products.

We are constantly looking for innovative solutions to improve the cultivation & processing of cotton.

We help to develop sustainability with best farming practices & production systems that respect the environment.

We apply strict traceability systems regarding the origin of our sustainable cotton yarns the ability to track and trace them, along the supply chain.

Organic Cotton

G.O.T.S. certified

A natural fiber produced in a very sustainable way.
One of the most important choices you can make for the environment.

NATIVA™ Regenerative Cotton

The new fiber NATIVA™ Cotton accelerates the shift towards a more sustainable production system, «from farm to brand”.
A one – stop solution that certifies cotton growing, sourcing & producing under the NATIVA™ Regenerative Program.

From Farm to Fashion

100% Greek Traceable Cotton



Nafpaktos Textile Industry S.A.

The spinning mill in Lygias – Nafpaktos has a total capacity of 17,000 spindles and 3,200 TN of cotton yarn production, on an annual basis. We produce 100% Greek cotton yarns of excellent quality.

Full range of CARD, COMBED COMPACT cotton yarns.

Sustainable Development

Fully traceable, non-GMO & responsibly sourced cotton yarn.

We invest in new production facilities a vertically integrated production scheme, innovative and certified products, application of Integrated Management System and Quality Management principles.

Providing the supply chain with a fully traceable, non-GMO responsibly produced cotton yarn.

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