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From Farm to Fashion

The cooperating cotton cultivators with our subsidiary Sofades Ginning Mills, fully comply with the requirements of the AGRO 2 standard (AGRO 2.1. & AGRO 2.2.) for the implementation of an Integrated Management System during the cultivation of cotton. Sofades Ginning Mills do also fully comply with the special standard for cotton AGRO 2.4. regarding its ginning process. 

As a result, the recently renovated spinning mill in Nafpaktos can provide you with top quality, sustainable cotton yarns produced through 100% Integrated Management practices. In addition, we are in the process of certification regarding the requirements of the new AGRO 2.5. standard (final product / cotton yarn), as part of our holistic approach “From Field to Yarn”. Thus, giving the supply chain a fully detectable, non-genetically modified & responsibly produced cotton yarn.

Traceability means for us transparency in the origin and quality, combined with a proper environmental and social impact of the cotton yarns produced. For this reason, the Private Yarn Quality Certification System we are currently developing, will soon be available to you as an evolution of the requirements of AGRO 2 standard in total. Through this certification, you will now be able to enhance the “traceability program” you implement in your business up to your own final product. Stay tuned for more information.

“From Farm to Fashion”

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