The company works continuously under various legal forms since 1964, while since 24.07.2002 bears the name "NAFPAKTOS TEXTILE INDUSTRY SA". Over the past decade the company has progressed to major structural changes discontinuing loss-making activities and investing in new areas through subsidiaries. It is currently engaged in the cotton ginning and the production of cotton yarns. More than 70% of the total sales are exports. It also has a photovoltaic park of 1,3 MWp which generates electricity and sells it to the network.

It continues to be financially strong and independent despite the economic crisis that has hit the highest proportion of companies in Greece and beyond. It has good management, staff expertise and excellent relations with customers and partners.


Establishment: January 2, 1989 (Government Gazette 12 / 01.05.89). It is registered in the Companies Register of the Directorate of Joint Stock Companies and Credit of the Ministry of Development No. MAE 18586/06 / B / 89/22.

Location: Ag. Georgiou 40-44, PC 15121, Lykovrysi-Pefki, tel. +30 210 6140430, fax +30 210 8028650                                                                                                Branch: Nafpaktos PC 3300, where they are and the production facilities. tel. +30 26340 27757, fax +30 26340 28662

Key Activities sectors: textile, agricultural products, renewable energy sources.

Owned production facilities - capacity: The company has a capacity of 13,000 spinning spindles (RIETER) construction 1997. The annual production capacity is 1,550 tons of cotton yarn with an average daily employment 24 hours, five days a week, 11 months a year).

It also has a weaving mill with 8 looms.

Land area - Building: The buildings of the mills in Nafpaktos are covering a total surface of 20.590 m² on a land of its own property of a total area 37,900 m². The Company also owns a building in Pefki (Ag. Georgiou 40-44, Pefki, Athens 15121) surface 2.527 m² on a plot total surface of 2,560 m², which was built in 1989 and is used as offices and storage of finished products and goods. Moreover, it owns facilities in the community Oiniades Pref. Aitoloakarnanias (land area 42010.86 m² where are main and auxiliary buildings covering a total surface of 10906.65 m² and is rented in Olympia Fruit.