Human resources

The staff evolution in the group's companies over the past years is shown in the following table:


Total 19 50 73
Nafpaktos Yarns 9 38 60
Sofades Ginning Mills 10 11 12
Other companies 1 1 1


The company's management is exercised by the executive members of the Board, whose responsibilities are described in detail in the statutes and rules of procedure. The supervision of the individual parts of the company (Financial, Commercial, Production, Design, etc.) is held by executives with extensive experience and specialized training.

Audit Committee under Article 37 of Law. 3693/2008

The Audit Committee was elected by the General Meeting of 18/06/2010 and consists of the following members of the Board:

  • Panagiotis Pavlopoulos, bank employee, Independent Non Executive Member.
  • Ioannis Kizlaridis, textile engineer, Independent Non Executive Member
  • Dimitris Levantis, economist, Non Executive member